Start a read aloud habit today and add words, imagination, and a love of learning to your child’s life. Begin warming up NOW in readiness to accept the 21-Day Challenge in March 2020, and help us build a universal read aloud habit! Find out more below.

Accept the challenge, any time throughout March, by posting a photo or video of you reading aloud with your child, or children, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and continue reading aloud for at least 15 minutes for 21 days in a row. Please tag @Read Aloud for Facebook; @ReadAloud_org for Twitter; and @read_aloud_15 for Instagram with #21DayReadAloud.
Challenge three more people with a child from birth to age 8 to accept the #21DayReadAloud Challenge and pass it on.
Go to Facebook's
frame selector page
and type
in the search box.
Continue to post on social media, using the tags @Read Aloud for Facebook; @ReadAloud_org for Twitter; and @read_aloud_15 for Instagram with #21DayReadAloud, so we can share and celebrate your success while helping us spread the importance of reading aloud.
Keep track of your progress on the 21-Day Tracker and use the tips from our 21-Day Content Calendar. You can find lots of support materials here.
Commit today by completing the form below.