Who is Dr. John S. Hutton?

A pediatrician. A researcher. An author. A former children’s bookstore owner. A proponent of analog childhood. A father of three.


Read Aloud 15 MINUTES’ “SpokesDoctor” has many passions, but all of them align around reading aloud.


Dr. Hutton is a pediatrician and clinical research fellow at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. In collaboration with an expert team at the Reading and Literacy Discovery Center, his research applies cutting edge tools such as MRI to explore how home reading environment and interventions promoting reading aloud during early childhood help build critical brain networks. He is the author of the "Baby Unplugged" and "Love Baby Healthy" children’s book series, distributed to over two million families nationwide, and for almost 20 years was at the helm of Blue Manatee Children’s Bookstore. Each of these is inspired by his experience as a father of three, fueling deep passion for reading aloud and “analog” childhood — the kind with limited screen time and lots of human engagement and free play.


Read Aloud 15 MINUTES is proud to partner with Dr. Hutton — adding his knowledge, expertise, passion and voice to spread our urgent message: Read Aloud 15 MINUTES. Every child. Every parent. Every day.


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