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Boone County’s ‘Read Aloud’ program enters its second year  
“Seize the Summer!” Campaign Urges Daily Reading Aloud  
Seize the Summer campaign urges daily reading aloud  
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Study says reading aloud to children, more than talking, builds literacy  
Reach Out and Read Expands to Serve Infants from Birth to Six Months  
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APRIL MRI shows association between reading to young children and brain activity  
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Buffalo Library launches campaign to spur reading aloud to children  
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March is Read Aloud 15 MINUTES Month  
If you wait to read to your child, it’s already too late  
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Do you read aloud to your kids every day? Because you should  
March is National Reading Awareness Month  
March is Read Aloud Month  
March is National Reading Awareness Month  
Reading with Wiggly Children & March is Read Aloud Month  
March is Read Aloud Month  
5 Tips to Increase Your Child’s Reading and Early Development  
March is Read Aloud 15 MINUTES month  
Books beyond bedtime  
National Reading Awareness Month - an everyday commitment  
Read to your child — even starting before birth  
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March is National Read Aloud Month  
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Assemblyman Lupinacci Reads to Students at Local Elementary School  
The Talking Cure - The poorer parents are, the less they talk with their children. The mayor of Providence is trying to close the “word gap.”  
Study Finds Reading to Children of All Ages Grooms Them to Read More on Their Own  
How do you help a baby learn? Word by word, a Chicago project says  
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DECEMBER Talk, Sing, Read, Write, Play: How Libraries Reach Kids Before They Can Read  
White House Summit on Early Education “Going Forward Wisely” James Heckman  
NOVEMBER The 15 minute movement - W.C. Head Start first in state to partner with Read Aloud  
Léale en voz alta 15 minutos  
OCTOBER Children's book illustrator to appear at Rice Creek Story Hour  
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Treat your children to a piece of great reading every day! It's the healthiest snack you can give them!  
SUNY Launches Partnership with Read Aloud 15 Minutes  
Halloween Reading and Chemistry Magic Show, Oct. 30  
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1000 Books before Kindergarten begins at Schuylkill Valley Community Library  
National Initiative Joining with Amarillo Public Library  
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Read Aloud 15 MINUTES' Campaign Asks Parents to Feed Babies' Brains as Well as Bodies  
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